How much does it cost?

Most people are surprised how economical our stump grinding is.  There are several factors that determine the price:  size of stump, accessibility, and distance to the job site.  Generally, we charge by the inch.  Let's say you have 2 stumps, one is 30" across, the other is 37" across.  We would charge $2.00 x 30" = $60.00 plus $3.00 x 37" = $111.00 for a total charge of $171.00.  

Size of Stump Cost Per Inch
0" - 30" $2.00
30" - 45" $3.00
45" - 60" $4.00
60" and Up $5.00

How do I measure the stump?

As shown below, we measure the full width of the stump at ground level.

What about surface roots?

Some trees, such as Bradford Pears, Magnolias, Red Maples, Water Oaks, Willow Oak, River Birch, etc.  have excessive surface roots that must be ground out along with the stump.  We charge $1.50 per square foot to grind out root bed plus the cost of the stump.

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