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Our mission at Economy Stump Removal is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our Stump Removal Service.

About Us

    Whether you have 1 stump or 100 stumps to remove, we are the #1 choice to do the job. Most tree companies look at stump removal as a side job to their other jobs they are doing, with Economy Stump Grinding it is our only priority! Often times with tree companies they will put your stump off for a “rainy day do to list”, when you call us we have your stump done within 48 hours, sometimes It can even be done the same day you call! 

    Tony, owner / operator is an ER nurse as well, but wants to put your stump on his schedule as quickly as he can. If your call is not answered he may be in the ER or grinding a stump so please leave a voicemail, or you can text “STUMP” to (205)218-4828 and he will call you back as soon as possible!


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How much does it cost?

Most people are surprised how economical stump grinding is.  There are several factors that determine the price:  size of stump, accessibility, and distance to the job site.  Generally, we charge by the inch.  Let's say you have 2 stumps, one is 32" across, the other is 17" across.  For a total of 49".  We would charge $2.00 x 49" = $98.00 total cost.  Cost per inch varies by the size of the stump.

 Size of Stump

 Cost Per Inch

 0"-30" $2.00

 30"-45" $3.00

 45"-60" $4.00

 60" and Up $5.00

Note:  Ask about discounts for volume and senior citizens.  Prices quoted do not include debris removal.

How do I measure the stump?

As shown below, we measure the full width of the stump at ground level.

What about surface roots?

We are able to remove any surface roots at $1.50 per running foot.  Let's say you have a 10' root running off the stump, that would cost $15.00 to remove.

Can you grind hard to reach stumps?

Our self-propelled Carlton 7015 stump grinder can get in tight spaces around homes.  It can even get through a 36" gate!  Sorry this machine will not climb steps, retaining walls or operate on steep slopes in excess of 25 degrees.

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